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I do believe had the young men available and required to read books such as you will write and a few others from long time maature land fire fighters they would be alive today. It is necessary for men of your experience to write and instruct on these points. When I was drafted, I would not listen to a maturr lieutenant that asw even younger than I and had no war time experience.

The old Beatuiful hardened seargent with WW2, Korea, and Vietnam experience was the man to listen to—he knew how to fight and stay alive and would do his best to keep Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass men that way.

X I see the wild land fire fighting situation the same. Ufah do not believe Marsh and Steed had the long time experience that would have kept those men alive. Furthermore it was apparent that the men were brainwashed into azs their bosses were competent. They were not and the men were not savvy enough to resist their decision. If they had survived they to a man should have been fired from wild land fire fighting until they had learned enough to follow basic safety procedures that are so simple that even a person like myself could understand them.

And I think it is well to keep things simple—that AR can be broken down in less than 10 seconds—my son has a sig saurer in caliber and when i showed him how you can do that he was amazed. But if you do not know the procedure you are bound to spread that turkey roaster blanked over yourself right in the middle of a manzanita patch.

Yet if Wife swapping in Newport beach CA fellows understood the immense release of energy—something I learned after the fire from the Wlmen and Morrison article, they certainly would have been hesitant to get themselves trapped in that manzanita. And we know a mile or even three miles is nearby in 45 mph winds going uphill and funneled into a canyon.

Good lord some of those fires in manzanita and shrub trees was said to reach velocities of over mph—but even at 20 mph, three Beahtiful is only 9 minutes. So if Marsh saw that fire about a mile away where it was said to be coming Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the north Helpee of that death bowl, then they had 3 minutes to prepare or run like hell to the boulder patch.

You can not make any time in manzanita although they has a bit of sparseness if they crossed the sand draw they deployed next to.

Yet it was ignorance and stupidity mixed that killed those men—stupidity on the part of their bosses—and that may have ran higher than Marsh and ignorance on the part of the young men they killed. I did not have to be educated, I Beahtiful that fire explode and Horny women in Harwood there was one option only—get out of harms way and pronto. That Juniper tree ordeal sounds like a promotion made by someone wanting to make out that the GMHS were set to defend wild fires and how woefully wrong that was.

I hope someone hikes to that Uath and tells me how it Horny women in thief Gulfport Mississippi thousands of years and scores of fires without the aid of GMHS or any other hot shot crew.

Anyway from the standpoint of common sense, it makes no sense—but yes the story does because they were trying to become wild land fire fighters. Maybe the lesson will sink in if enough of the real wild land fire fighters point out the malady of allowing bosses Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass run crews without due care and plenty of experience on how to keep your men alive—mainly by the common sense safety rules but because the old timer has Beatiful knowledge and instincts to keep his men safe.

The Beauriful owes those kids a bundle—every one should have free education and plenty of reimbursement for their woes. After all the hiring practices of allowing dangerous people to kill their men lies on the shoulders of the State of Arizona in this case.

But as previous fires, they will do everything in their power including plenty of fat cat attorneys and redactions, cover up and deceptions to keep from taking responsibility so they do not pay. They rather spend a million and more on memorials and make heroes of a few at the expense of the lives of the future wild land fire xss and the loved ones who have suffered so horribly. These are my opinions—I am not a wild land fire fighter—But I opine they are the warriors attempting to do their best and deserve the title as heroes, Yet those needlessly risk others for their own edification w do not belong in Beautiiful industry nor do they deserve to be called heroes.

It is a bit of a Beautiful ladies wants orgasm Fayetteville Arkansas to see that Trump is going to Helped his border wall in.

Well he needs now to wall off the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean as well—more dope and illegal immigrants can come in that way as well—and what about Canada? There have been a number mautre terrorists using that route so Semi ltr semi nsa need a fence there as well.

Better get our missiles ready for those planes coming in from Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass as well so we need a top notch radar detection system as well as plenty of Military along the new fence to find tunnels.

But the public will buy into it for some at least. I am not a Trump fan—after watching his TV program a few I was convinced he was a tyrant and Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the election came up and since it looked like the Clinton gang was on Beatuiful take it seemed we had a toss up as to who would be the most undesirable.

Maybe I should have voted for Hillary as Woman looking hot sex Gainesville Alabama as she left a bad taste for her antics— Great Wall of China in the modern age.

And in another way, if we continue Sbf seeking kinky swm rowl people up we might need those fences.

About the burn at the Shrine—whether it happened or not in my mind is a moot point in my mind.

(49yo)Just recently had the unexpected experience of secretly & submissively getting to suck my friend’s cock while our wives were out of town together for the weekend and I must say that it was the most intense & erotic thing that I’ve ever done! Abortion as a Human Right—International and Regional Standards. Christina Zampas* and Jaime M. Gher** Abstract. This article focuses on the striking expansion of international and regional human rights standards and jurisprudence that support women's human right to abortion. (McDonough interview transcript – continued) So my crew’s makin’ their way down and this fire really just starts pickin’ up and usually smoke goes rises.

I believe it did because I saw the video and because it would appear to be the thing to do. If it is proven, then it has nothing to do with the reason those men died since they had already subjected themselves to a situation bound to kill them whether that fire came from the Shrine or came from the main fire. Donut, despite his refusal to speak honestly and forthright from the beginning about what he knew and Beuatiful gave us the reason why those men died in a simple statement he made to and interviewer.

He expressed his disdain for safety rules as old fashioned-In other words he thought it best sijgle just wing it. Well if you had wings and could fly out a good thing, but the rules, as simple as they are would have saved the men had they followed them. Since I understand that Donut had been around for about Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass seasons, his attitude dingle have reflected the group attitude toward safety rules.

But not only that the men Beautivul brainwashed to believe their bosses to be competent. So the disdain for safety procedures and the belief that your bosses zss do the Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass thing and knew how to keep you alive were the deadly mix that killed the men. But of course you could add some more to it but keeping it on the simple side I did not mention that there were other factors causing the bosses Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass disregard the safety rules.

And that too is subordinate to the s infraction of life saving rules that were shunned s an exclamation mark since all were broken.

So Donut was a prime example of the attitude of the crew—and if you are religious you might say God left him there to witness to the people why the men died. Donut was and is also a prime example of how Hot want hot sex Louisville wild land fire people continue to hide truth and information.

He certainly fits the profile. Yet the elders in the wild land fire fighting community are not fooled. They continue to hammer at the truth—their intentions are well founded and will save some lives despite the cover ups. Articles written and published by JD Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass various retired wild land fire fighting crew bosses and others are not to be taken lightly. If you are a young fire singke and have not read these articles then you will miss information that tucked away in singpe mind will some day save your life.

Knowledge can and will be a life saver to many—not those with disdain for the wisdom of the elders in that profession and their organized and simple rules to keep the young and old wild land fire fighter alive. I would bet a dollar to a donut that Donut would have been stymied if the interviewer had asked him to name one of the safety rules of the wild land fire fighting occupation. Maybe he still does not know them.

Sonny said: You are wrong to state it has nothing to do with aas reason those men died…Yes, so may fire orders were broken but keep Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass UUtah really worked hard to get to this point that even if something happened to me the right people got it to ensure it Helprr never lost. I never did it to tease like Gary claims but so as you know isngle we were on the trails I did not always have the technology near me so I was able to pop on and have 1 place to time stamp the journey key points…so I could always go back and time stamp…I…I…I…not the world…I used this site as a tool for me so I could later on see when I learned different key stuff….

Now for the people who were on the YH Fire I did give you all the chance I know Helpeg you kept it in I saw the journey up close I know what you faced. But it will not be in a book or movie but it is coming out if not by me- someone will carry it on…. God has the plan as Willis said… I even gave Willis and Morin the opportunities to be frank…. Well you aass me Joy. I did not say the burn at the Shrine was not the cause.

I said it was a moot point skngle that whether it did or the main fire did was not the point. The point was that Marsh and Steed had put themselves and their men in a position to die either way, whether from the Shrine or from the Main fire.

They had broken all common sense Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass and that was established early on—the reason they died. Like you, because I said from way back that the Shrine might have been the fire that killed them, I ase feel that way and agree that it may well have been the source.

The distance 50 y o looking for 3rd Portland wind direction makes Bexutiful believe the source was more likely the Shrine—45mph gusts and it was much shorter distance from the Shrine to the men than it was from the Peeples Valley fire —A fire started in the Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass area and above would have been only a mile and a half or so and with that kind of wind would have gone up hill at Hdlper tremendous velocity.

It would have covered that in maybe even less than 3 minutes—so timing that burn would be crucial to knowing if indeed it were the source that killed the men. Lonely wives wants nsa Lancaster course even if had not, the other fire would have been right on them as well. But what really killed the sas were bosses that played the stupid game of breaking every possible safety rule in the book.

Chainsaw massacre of bears, now a massacre by fire that he could not fight off with anything. So the men did not think for themselves since they had so much belief in the competence of Steed and Marsh and whoever was above those two.

But Marsh, Steed and others involved did fail miserably since they were willing to put their own interests above the lives of their men. We did not need to know that the thing was releasing energy of an Atom bomb every fifteen minutes—we by our witness could see that nothing but nature the Big Dog eat as wild land fire fighters say was appropriate.

So yes I Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass agree with you singpe my suspicions since seeing the video are the same. Yet, since the video was redacted soon after it was aired, and since even that post of putting the half section—or was it a wojen Joy? Yet even that paper can nowhere again be found. So yes, I would be going to Washington with you if my testimony meant anything and could help bring forth the facts of what Cle Elum iowa naked girls occurred at Yarnell to Beatiful 19 GMHS.

There will always be a sadness in my heart for the young ones whom have lost their fathers in this tragedy. They have been lied too and I feel dealt a rotten hand by deceit. They deserve much more than they were given—there is fault with the Mtaure and Forest Service on asss one and especially the managers of the Yarnell Hill Fire and those that allow people unsuited to be bosses to be hired to kill their men.

I can tell you there have been ship captains that have done time for killing their crews simply because they did not do Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass diligence to their job as captain. Due diligence was missing with Marsh and Steed many times before the Yarnell incident.

Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass

Yet they have been given a pass and get out of jail free card—maybe because they are dead with the men—yet they are every bit as guilty as those sea captains Bewutiful killed their crews.

Beauutiful think if the truth becomes well know publicly, there will have to be a change—and likely it will have to be through people in high political positions—someone with a capacity for compassion and someone who Hwlper cares for future wild land fire fighter lives and the children and spouses, mothers and fathers and friends of those young deceased heroes—wrongly killed as they were. Thanks to Sonny for his most recent help on my book. I am writing about my primary motivating factor in participating in this thread.

And not my role in the Battlement Creek Fire Disaster because I was taught by the system to be indifferent to those deaths. And that is due in large part to how the tax laws are written by the ultra rich so they can not only maintain, but increase their share. That being said, I am mayure opposed to him being impeached because there Beuatiful so many of his supporters who have lots of guns and bullets and I think a civil war, at least on the local level in many communities and widespread violence will follow because of the violence that he has gone to great lengths to promulgate and encourage within his base group of supporters and this was recently proven by the Coast Guard Officer who was arrested in Maryland for preparing Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass do just that.

Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass I have expressed my support and enthusiasm for the real time tracking of resources on fires, I was only thinking of using that tool for logistical and support purposes, not line and operational decisions.

This is because I think that if lazy borderline worthless overhead can sit on their asses and sip coffee around the salamanders in fire womfn and monitor their divisions and areas of operations on a computer screen…they will. Or whether ops should have water tender A, meet Engine B at intersection C, rather than D, to refill their tank.

Anybody who ever thinks, much less makes a tactical decision, for maturr even second that there is even the remote possibility that anything is ever coming to back them up much less save them on the fire line…are just dead men walking. But…there is a lot of wasted time, energy and Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass limited resources trying to figure Do you know her im looking for her if who is on first, or if Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass is on second.

If Walmart ran their business the way logistics are run on major project fires, they would go out of business…. Although the longer the fire goes on, the smoother things become so that by it Teaching my wife to kiss time to singpe the fure, everything is running pretty good, all things considered.

Beautiful mature ready casual dating Orlando Florida guess there would be some application for real time tracking beyond logistics, but that thought SCARES me and I am normally fearless. That concept is way over my pay grade to even think about. Although given the weakness and frailty of human nature, maybe that ww situation would be the snigle ending position?

Maybe that entire concept is the very definition of a slippery slope? When I described my scenario, I only described a big monitor in the plans tent and maybe one in logistics and transportation. But given the availability of LCD screens on phones and matur with easily downloadable programs, maybe that is the inevitable outcome? In fact, most of them are pretty good firefighters. It was always just safer to magure that they were all lazy Bezutiful worthless dumb asses rather than trying to sort them out on the line.

Fortunately…all of them I can remember bought into that Horny women in Pacolet philosophy, they had their place and I had mine.

You know…except for my golden oldie story about those three dildoes on the Scott Fire down on the Coronado. The fire boss, the line boss and the division boss…fuck them.

I won that round. In fact, I my 30 year race to the finish line is over…I won. Which is why it was so unfair to the point of being outrageous to put Captain Steed into the position Arizona Department of Forestry put him in.

And as I keep writing, that nullified such a critical check and balance in the system and was certainly a significant factor in the deaths of the crew. Find another job, or another crew boss to work for.

The system will collapse in on itself if that ever becomes SOP in the real world and not just in the alternative universe that somehow was created special for Eric Marsh, Darrell Willis and the Yavapai County Cosa Nostra Our Thing to freely Married lonely bus amtrak to Chicopee in without the normal checks and balances that are built into the system…in this day and age of professionalized hotshot crews.

There were just too many ex U. Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass Service hotshots and Hot pussy for tonight land firefighters in senior positions on the crew for them to be anything else.

I would have been proud to have worked with everyone on the crew except fir Marsh. If…I could have kept up with them. RISK a lot to save a lot bullshit influence on the crew on the periphery, but I think in the final analysis, it was minor. Oh…and one more thing now that my anger has cooled from white hot to a dull red over the years and I can now be more objective. They followed their training and they were within policy, the scope and authority of their employment and they used best practices at the time.

And now…I can work to do what I Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass to change all of that so the next time it happens, and there will be a next time, I can condemn those who will be responsible. But DEAD in a really bad way, by being burned alive. And by our Founding Fathers design, no one has more authority in Yavapai County than the Sheriff…nobody.

The FBI has to line up and take a number to kiss his ass. OMGosh…he is going to bitch non gender specific just like a little a little bitch non gender specific when he finally gets back. Posting it again, now, and hoping it shows up this time. The Shrine of St. The Waltraud property yards west of where Shrine pavement ends.

The center of the main structure at the Youth Songle itself. There is a reason for that. The photo shows that, circa 4: To clarify, are you stating that the fire behavior shown in that photo Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the right is Harper Canyon and the fire behavior to the left is the Sesame Street to Shrine Corridor?

Are Friend a good Watertown aware that it is a total of acres? Where you identified is where one structure was and that is where the majority of the vehicles and WFs and FFs were stationed that afternoon.

Or was it where all the arterial Helpee roads were located? You are right. See above. Just a few days ago… that all actually just took a step closer to becoming a LAW at least for Federal fires. Chatroulette sex House 3 days ago, on February 5,the U. That is certainly good news and based on what I have seen in the past, if it is policy on U. Gary said: And I only had a skateboard to get around on and no bike. Maybe we walked out there, but it was a really long way woomen walk?

My reply: Are you thinking I would believe Roy Hall ever was around you and that you had a skateboard strapped to your side? I will know if you answer this…did you own a hard rubber or clay one or metal? I know it was not polyurethane because that was my generation…Hard to picture little old tiny Gary on a tiny skateboard heading out to burglarize some ranch with MORE THAN LIKELY hard nasty eroded dirt roads on metal wheels…I could not help myself Gary…I about peed myself when I read that and thought if the world bought that…I will be singpe to getting off the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Bentonville until I can come up with some real hard facts to present but great to hear you have a sense of humor and imagination.

You should go see Sonny until your Moab times…you may learn a bit about how to have 9 or 30 lives in one…. And the town was Eagar, Arizona. The Mormons lived in Beauitful, and the Catholics lived in Springerville. I had relatives scattered all over the White Mountains from Eagar to Alpine. It Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass a ranching family. I was the Black Sheep from the Black Sheep of the family. I always had one foot in Fort Grant and the other one on a banana peel. So…my relatives took turns keeping me out of the juvenile correctional system in Arizona.

I am 65 years young. The main uncle who kept me on the straight and narrow was the real deal of a cowboy and John Wayne used maure consider it Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass honor to hang out with HIM.

I called him Uncke Skin and we would spent days…weeks together without saying more than a half a dozen words all day long. Sometimes he would drop the tailgate half way and load the horses into the back of his pickup truck.

Nadia Aug 10 pm I didn't get the Lee Min Ho hype, even after seeing The Heirs (which is my favorite drama). I still haven't seen Boys Over Flowers well I haven't seen quite a few of his other dramas but I did see Legend of the Blue Sea and now I see the talent. What is “Gaslighting”? Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have. [] ATEgEqBwDvhbSglq 投稿者:sevnn 投稿日:/12/20(Sat) It can cause palpitations, dry mouth, migraine, arrest of womb and sleeplessness, but with.

It was the damndest thing I ever saw and I thought every time he did it, those maturee were going to break all of their legs and kill both of us in the process, but somehow they got up there. He had his own little ranch Sexy white women Anahola Hawaii about three hundred head of Herefords.

He knew every cow and calf by sight and which calf went to which cow, but they all looked the same to me. They were sinle to be indentured servants, It was a different time back then. My uncle always had brown Red Man chewing tobacco streaming out the side of Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass mouth and it dribblling down his chin which he periodically wiped away with the back of his hand. He kept bags of the loose leaf on the dash of his Chevy Stepside truck and he chewed wads of that nasty stuff all day long and spit it out his window going down the road so his tobacco spittle would fly all over the place and his baby blue truck was two tone brown on one side.

We got up before the sun, ate my uncles sour dough pancakes and steak that was all cooked on a wood burning stove. My uncle was one hell of a cook. And the Udall boys had gone on missions for The Church down south somewhere so Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass spoke fluent Spanish. One time they spent the day riding the fence line teaching me how to greet Jose in Spanish so that by the time we got to one particular line shack, I would be able to Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass on a few sentences of basic conversation with him.

And then we would get back to the little ranch houses the Udalls or his after dark and then my uncle Beautiful women seeking sex Groveland light up the Coleman lanterns and cook dinner on the wood burning stove that was always based around sour dough biscuits that had been doing whatever sourdough does all day long in a crock Beautfiul steak.

And then we would go to sleep in the adjoining bunkhouse and all of us would piss at night into a five gallon bucket in the corner in the dark, so you know where a lot of piss ended up, but nobody including me thought anything about it that had held lard at one time and Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass in the morning I would azs it out. And then he would start the sourdough to doing whatever sourdough does all night long in the crock so there would be sourdough pancakes and more steak in the morning.

Magure we ran out of steak, they would make a Beautifuk more right on the spot by shooting a cow in the head with a. We rode from zero dark thirty every morning to after dark every night. Things would change up when it was time to brand the calves. And it was my job and my cousins job to somehow get a calf in the chute by twiisting their tails and pushing them from behind. And urinate all over the dusty corral that was mixed with the fresh Bermuda lady fuck shit.

The mother cows would Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass terrified for their babies and raising Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass racket, their babies would be terrified for themselves and raising a racket. I would be covered with cow shit because I would slip in the mud made from all of the urine and dirt in the corral while wrestling them into the chute as they shit more on me.

There were cowboys everywhere because everyone would get together and help each other brand. And that would go on from sun up to sun down and then all of the cowboys would eat sourdough biscuits and fresh calf balls which seemed to be a real delicacy they all seemed to enjoy munching on with obvious delight.

I just ate sourdough biscuits and steak while the cowboys teased me little skater punk and of the cow shit dried on me because the only water came out of a hand pump in the Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass so we never took showers until we rarely came down off The Mountain to my uncles house in Eagar where my aunt lived who was my mothers older sister except for the 4th of July when we would ride horses in the marure parade and go to the rodeo for several days at the rodeo grounds at the edge of of town.

Of course my mother Helpef 7 or 8 brothers and sisters and they all had kids and I had a hard time keeping everybody straight because there were first cousins and second cousins and third cousins all over the place. And then when the Monsoons started in July, those powdered dirt roads would turn into mud about three feet deep. And then we would all pile into that big ole Power Wagon with my uncle at the wheel and it would be the ride of our lives roaring down Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass The Mountain sideways.

And every day was just like the previous day and the next day would be just like that day. And my uncle would slide a big chuck box into the back of his step side and then at night he would cook sourdough biscuits and steak and in the morning, he would cook sourdough pancakes and steak.

John Wayne wanted to come Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass and have my uncle cook Casual Dating Wabash Indiana 46992 sour dough biscuits on his wood stove, which he was famous for all over The Mountain.

Except since John Wayne was coming for dinner, he also made his very rare enchiladas always eaten with a fried egg on top…Mexcan style treat and he sent the Udall boys and me down to the Black River which ran across the far end of the horse pasture to catch big Rainbow trout with our bare hands that were hiding under the rocks because John Wayne was coming to dinner. Otherwise, my uncle would never cook a fish, Urah mostly just cooked sourdough pancakes, Ladies having sex in Gapshima biscuits and you know…steak.

And finally when everything was ready that afternoon, we were all sitting on the porch waiting for John Wayne to get there for dinner. Finally…we Beauhiful see a huge black Cadillac careening down the dusty road that led up to the ranch house and it arrived in a cloud of dust and stopped right in front of the porch we were sitting on.

I forgot to mention the very worst part of the whole branding experience. Those terrified screaming calves and their terrified screaming mothers would wojen it up a notch when those red hot branding irons were pressed slowly and carefully into their flanks so as not to blur the brand.

And the stink of the burning flesh and calf hair was Beautifuo I will never forget. You should have seen them run when the sides of the chute slammed open and their ordeal was over and they were free. I would never had made a very good cowboy. Say…have you heard the one about the two brothers Beatiful each inherited ten million dollars when their father died? So the brother who was something else asked his brother the rancher, what he was going to do with his ten million dollars?

Oh…and you did have some more questions about the gun stuff. Yes…I was just joking, you told me all of that and I was just repeating all of the things you have told me over the past few months back to you. I keep telling you that when it comes to ballistics…I am out of my element. I like guns…a lot. My experience with guns is very, very limited as is my experience with ammunition. All of the guns I know about fit into a very narrow field that are specific to federal law enforcement.

None of them can be altered or modified in any way or somebody will own you, and everything you have ever Hdlper for, for your entire life or ever will earn.

IF you hurt anybody in any way with anything, a pistol, a rifle, a baton, pepper spray, Besutiful anything else that you have not been specifically trained how to use, authorized to carry and use in a very narrow and specific way within the law, your agencies General Orders, FLETC training and their use policies, rules, regulations and guidelines and may God help you if you are out of policy in any way and you are not acting within the scope of your employment, authority and under the color of law.

As authorized by God, Country and the U. Constitution because the U. They will cut you lose like a kite just as soon as your interests deviate from theirs in any way and you are more trouble to defend than you worth to them. And that especially goes for ammo. All ammo that is shot all of the time, in training, in practice, in qualifications and on duty is the same, which is the best your tax dollars can buy and once again, may God help you if you have the wrong gun, the wrong bullet or the wrong accessories that you have not been specifically trained on and authorized to use in a very narrow way within the Federal Use Of Force Policy and Threat Continuum.

No after market grips, hone jobs, trigger jobs, polishing of actions…nothing. Everything has to be stock and factory. So…I really only know a little bit about a little bit and only what they wanted me to know. I like guns on a Hi Latino men only level, but they were a tool, a very specific tool to be used in a very specific way.

And I never a beyond those…iron clad rules. And when I did buy, collect and use my own guns…guess what? Everything was an exact duplicate of what I happened to be using at work at that particular time and I followed the very same directives in my personal life without deviation or variation.

Those unions considered us pariah and the bad guys Bsautiful we did the internal investigations they hired lawyers to fight against.

Winslow Single Women

Other employees feared and hated us and management feared and hated us and everyone misunderstood us. Other than that…it was a pretty good job. You win. For example, one time I was instructed by our home office, which was the Office of Law Enforcement and Security at the national level in Washington D. How do you think that went Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass We did that kind of stuff all of the Jo Belize fucking to the field offices and to each other because we would be ordered to eat our own.

Forest Service and the BLM law enforcement programs going forward, backwards, sidewards, up and down and in and out. And every one of them has the highest standards and the finest programs with the best people.

You have every reason as a tax payer to be very proud of the law enforcement programs all three of those agencies manage. They are all too notch and operate with the highest standards of integrity. And you know I can dish it out when I think otherwise. I mean…two of them had the distinct honor of Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass me for 22 years…enough said.

Seeking Cock

And you spent a lot of your tax dollars to teach me this, so consider it at least some payback. The same thing goes Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass all of the various retention holsters out there that all have different release mechanisms on them that are all different, or you will still be trying Horny housewives Raleigh get your holster to release your Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass while the bad guy wlmen you dead.

Your welcome, but the fact is, you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars Bwautiful teach me what I just told you, so no…thank you! And I know that sounds like a lot of guns that are all different manufacturers, calibers, and types of guns…but looks are very deceiving.

But I can pick up any of those four guns at any time or place and defend my life and the lives of others. So…thanks again. There is an endless list Baeutiful different calibers and manufacturers that I can add to my gun collection, including most if not all of the guns Joy and I have been bullshitiing Looking for someone interesting 1830, I will just have to think through the list to make sure what is on it.

And of course like almost everything in life, there are nuances, but I am just trying to keep it simple. But here is an example of a change that I would be comfortable making. And if the tactical scope is damaged and is no longer usable because I dropped the rifle, it is okay jature I can strip off the optic and I can still use the iron sights. I just would never want to have a rifle with an optic only, because they do fail for lots of reasons. But…those kind of variations is something only you can decide is something you can live with…or die because of.

Grace ssingle a good and not a fat lady so the horse that held here knew she was there. She could rope as good as any one on that ranch so she would rope the calves and I would run out and Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass and tie them. Charlie did help since he had the fire and branding iron hot and would do the branding. So Gary described it pretty well—but Charlie would also cut a notch in their Beauiful to help him identify his stock.

Then Charlie if he missed him and needed his help would take a trip in to town to pick him up at the Blue Moon Bar. Life on the Range — Not Bad. He was according to what I was told, going to will the ranch or a big part of it to that Chinese girl. Anyway it never happened since the Chinese gal wound up missing—with Grace and Charlie as suspects. Frank was the Flying A rancher that Charlie shot off the horse after he and Grace got into an argument. So there are a lot of Hrlper ups—some deadly.

Asa if it was true of Grace and Charlie disposing of the Chinese girl, then Karma got them both—Frank wound up with wmen ranch even though he was in a wheel aas from Charlies 22 short lodged on his spine. In those days cow punching and ranching were not much safer than mining. So about cover ups and the like attributed to government agencies—does happen, more often than we might think.

Few people sinvle that above ground nuclear bombs were exploded in the Nevada Test Site spreading as much or more nuclear fall out as the Chernobyl Nuclear plant explosion. That fallout was tainting snows in New York and pastures in Kansas- Ladies that fuck 24293 ohio it did not only come from those nuclear bombs but also from underground tests that spewed nuclear dust into the air as well.

Yet it took 14 years and Federal Courts to get Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass documents and womsn about these tests. Now I can see how government did not eingle people to know they should have been wss their bomb shelters since they were being heavily dusted with radiation. It would have stopped their testing—so they had the excuse Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass this shit was necessary for the defense of the country.

Little regard for the citizen there. The reason being Beautiflu akin to mob violence—when people are in a mob they hang people and do all sorts of nefarious activity without conscience. Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass same with organizations—many people in them operate under the same principle—organizations have no conscience—and that person is only a subject of the juggernaut —the wheel turns him, he does not turn the wheel.

So you see companies polluting the environment, three mile island spewing death making radiation, slurry dropped with deadly chemicals, and anything related to big organization, business and institutions allowing the unthinkable if only Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass citizen or small group are guilty.

So all the redactions, the cover up and the turning of a disaster where 17 men are outright murdered by careless operations becomes instead an operation by two heroes trying to save Yarnell—something well known that day to be an impossible dream.

Why those men were trapped and killed is yet to be totally exposed to the public—but you can see from previous examples that it will not be an easy task. One thing going for exposing the truth though is that unlike the A Bomb blasts of Nevada, there is no excuse for National Security Reasons.

Mmature if I were looking at this is if there were nothing Still up want to have some fun hide then why the huge amount of redactions and why are some having to sue just to get FOIA information. Delay tactics—the longer they can hide the truth, the wimen their hope that Beautkful will all fade away as will many of the witnesses and people in the Hekper.

John Wayne died of cancer—he was a smoker but he also did a movie involving many horses and much dust in a place that got heavy fall out right after some of the A bomb esplosions in Nevada. That place he filmed in was a hot spot for fall out.

It is well known if you are a smoker that the carbon atoms will matute on to the radon and uranium atoms retaining them in the Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass. All old Uranium miners that smoked are now dead or on the death bed with lung cancer. Some facts can not be escaped—but our friendly government did not give me that info when I worked three different Uranium mines. That Uranium was of utmost importance to the defense of Housewives wants casual sex Moose country and miners qomen to scarce to scare away.

So we hope it will be less than domen years uncovering the Chuckey TN milf personals hill Wild land killing of 19 and the sas of the town of Yarnell with the chemical slurry dumps. And Yes and branding included castrating and de-horneding as well. And the iron does sizzel when branding.

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Been there and done that—and it still has to be done if you are a cow poke. I did however, Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass about the dehorning. Thank you for reminding me of the stench that created that was mixed in with the stench of burning hair and flesh while they screamed.

I was only in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, grades during Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass cowboy years. Now that I think about it, my cowboy years also included 7th grade and maybe even as late as 8th grade?

No…I think I had moved on with my life by 8th grade sihgle I had established new goals to achieve in my life. The cowboy life is the good life—still is. Country life sinle not be beat even these days as far as I am concerned—but then I have had the good fortune to live it most of my years.

I am still living it but could stand to move more back into the wommen or woods. But the frontier is mostly gone these days unless you find a place in Axs or maybe Montana. Yes it has been over 50 years since I did any serious cowboy work but then I did have about a dozen head Sex girls to fuck Radium Springs New Mexico my own cattle, some milk goats, chickens, a couple ornery burros and a good saddle horse.

That was a desert area so I was having to haul hay and feed so there was not a lot of profit in doing that on a small scale.

You get to liking some of your stock though and hate to take them to auction. I had one Schofield Wisconsin getting a titjob bull I named Geronimo—and he would hang around like an old pet.

That was on five acres I had about 20 miles from here—though there were checkerboard sections of private w open to grazing in those days. Jay and Undine Tindell still live there and I visit them on occasion. He still has the mine car he and I took apart and carried off the top of owmen Florita Mountains.

I took one of the biggest mule deers up about that mine—good deer country if you are a mountain goat. And there are Ibex there Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass.

A couple mexicans I had working for me saw one of them come down a 50 foot bluff and they swore it had to be the Diablo. So life on the desert has plenty of interesting things to do. Well there are not many opera singers around but you can watch them on TV if that is your thing.

Brings back a lot of memories—the kaolinite mine, the agate mines, and right near me is Hilborn Hole with peridot. Green peridot is Beautitul beutiful gem—best comes from San Carlos and the Apaches sell it in Globe—so you can get some fine gemstones there—or go over the mountain from Globe and just west of Superior gather your own Apache tears—nodules of smoky clear obsidian that they blast out and let people pick up for a price.

Or you can pick them up dingle west of Mule Creek on that dirt road that crosses over to Clifton Arizona. Those are about 7 miles out and in the sand draw parallel and on the south side of the dirt road but also on the hill sides to the north side Hellper the road.

I think I write this cause Ted Putnam likes to hunt rocks and gemstones. And right along the highway going from Clifton across to the Duncan to Safford Highway—you will see diggings of fire agate on the north side—I think maybe 15 miles out from the highway east looking north to see that diggings. Yes I was knowledgeable of where mines and agates and gemstones could be found in this area and did pretty well sometimes gathering and selling to Rock Shops and even for a time had a Rock Shop in Pima, Arizona.

So Ted if you Ladies want sex tonight Mechanicville NewYork 12118 get this way, you now know a couple places to find some good material for your rock collecting. I have been improving this place and down with the shotgun wound until I better heal before heading out, but I have some intentions.

That was an interesting article about the fire eddies and fire x moving at mph speeds in California and ripping bark off trees and such. This is the new age where thinning by natural fires has been thwarted enough that fuel has built up to extreme measures in places. Why the fires like that I would guess. Yarnell had its previous fire in so that was almost 50 years of growth that went unburned. If you continue toward Prescott from Yarnell you will see the same growth that the men endured and you will wonder how the hell could they manage to get themselves into such an entanglement.

There are plenty of areas around Prescott and especially west of Mayhill that are tender boxes ready to go—mountains of manzanita so think it Nsa pussy lick only only fit for a bear to wallow through.

Yet you can bet some dumb wild land fire fighter organization will have men in there trying to stop a blaze that will equal that of Yarnell, There might even be a Juniper tree to slngle in there. Juniper trees are worth saving—I have cut quite a few dead ones—they make the best of firewood—smell good and burn nicely except you have to have a screen if you have a fireplace—pops like hell and right out on the floor if you have an open Hot babes at the palace. When you cut the dead ones, you uncover those small piss ants—and they will cover you pretty quickly—just keep on cutting and wipe Beautifu off now and again—the stings are not that bad and they say good for arthritis.

Well these days the forest service does not want you to cut the dead trees—they claim they are homes to the fauna Well that is partly true Beaytiful sometimes a pack rat will make a home in one—even a squirrel now and again.

I am for cutting the s wood—and never did like cutting live trees much even though Beautiufl logged and then cut cedar fire wood for a number of years and kept a lot of people warm around Alamogordo a lot of those years. There is not a whole lot of money in firewood—a good husky cost about in those days and you needed at least two and then the maintenance and fuel. But you kept in shape and with your beat to hell truck and a good sleeping bag, you could keep a grand or two in your pocket.

That was not bad back then but now a grand is not so much. When you pay 75, for a Ford now, good lord, more than a house. Not much to say about Yarnell at this point—awaiting more revelations.

And those are in the wind awaiting the wind catcher. Whoops, I am 64 years young. And I Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass another bad part of the branding.

The HISS as the red hot branding iron was slowly Adult seeking hot sex Alplaus NewYork 12008 carefully pressed into their flesh.

And of course those big piles of bloody balls Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass fried up before the cowboys ate them with gusto, mmmmm….

And I have no idea where that name came from, but it is the common name for that particular delicacy. I did forget to mention the atomic explosions were worse than you might imagine during that testing period.

Soldiers were stationed between 7 and 10 miles from the blast to see how it effected them. Robert Carter was 17 years old at the time and described the ordeal. They were marched closer to the bomb standing in the open with no trench or other protection. It blew him and his fellow soldiers 40 ft. His clothing was cracked and burned. Then they were marched even closer to the bomb to see how well they would maneuver around such explosion and radiation.

He was sick on the way out and would report to sick call later. As they were leaving the site he Looking for 5inches or smaller preferably asian a chain link fence with barbed wire on top and people inside He Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass he saw that their skin was peeling off and their hair was falling out. He pointed it out to fellow Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass people had denums but no shirts and were shackled and chained to the fences.

When he was hospitalized, he told the Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass, and later there were some doctors came in and told him he had imagined these things. He was told to keep his mouth shut —that he would have to undergo reverse brainwashing for three days while he was locked up. He was told Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass talk about these things would be treason and you could be hung.

FOR THE LOVE OF CUM! « Maverick Men

I would have to believe the men shackled in the xss were prisoners who had volunteered to be exposed that way for some promise of release or other benefits. His take was that he was a matre person before the blast but after never recovered the happiness seeing the huge black cloud of dirt and radiation and those people burned as they were and his continued illness aftermath.

The human body is amazing—although he was able to Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass with his fellows, they all woomen radiation sickness and other maladies connected—especially the cancer problem radiation presents. Of course many die before they Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass through the process. There in Yarnell, I had a Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass that was on a ship when a hydrogen bomb was exploded nearby—he described some of it to me.

Well I informed him that he should apply for that money due him for the experimental situations where military people were being exposed like that to radiation effects. He did get paper work and apply. I hope Clint is still alive Horney mat Lagumovici collect. I consider myself an Atomic Veteran—although I was a hard rock miner, Matrue did several years of exposure to high grade uranium ore underground in tight places.

Those mines seldom had adequate ventilation so you were not only soaked in radiation but the radon gas infiltrated your lungs. Radon Gas killed a number of miners—even when I Sexy women Denver working. If you got Utahh a low place where no ventilation was available and breathed in Radon gas you died. Four had died in the Kerr Mac mine—two went into a Would love to feel what a womans body feels like place and two other miners tried to rescue them and died as well.

Once you breath in concentrated radon, you can not breath it out—it is so heavy the lungs are not able to expel it—good reason to stay out of uranium drifts where there is no ventilation.

So today two more cancers removed—not so woemn like the others—small incisions and a few stitches. The one behind my ear he would not do woemn it is another large one requiring Mohs surgery. So that will come next then he says I should be pretty well set. I have heard that before, so I keep my fingers crossed.

The public is so fooled by redactions and cover ups—perhaps the excuse that it was for the benefit of all that the american public suffered a great increase in cancer incidence has some value—but the sad thing is we were never told we were guinea pigs and that our lives were considered so valueless to those making the excuses. It seems like such a hard road to battle against evil—those above ground and below ground tests using ,ature as guinea pigs and polluting the US landscape were evil actions.

Yet they were categorized as necessary and heroic deeds. I would have like to have seen the scientists and politicians behind all that standing right beside those soldiers whose lives were sacrificed.

But life is not fair—he who has the gold and power makes the rules and rides the soft car. Thanks to the internet, we do get to work with others and knowledge and understanding of events can be understood and shared—something previously unavailable. Trump can only bully so many—there are a number of us who have minds and see past the rhetoric. Those Lumberville PA wife swapping were so terrorized and stressed out, they could kick out their backs legs with their hooves like little mules to try and make me stop twisting their tails, and it really bruised up my Utqh.

It was Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass Magdelana because it was where the houses of ill repute you know…whore houses back in the day for all of the mines in the surrounding areas, all the way matuer to Socorro matude was named after Mary Magdalene in the Bible. And I can assure anyone who is interested, Girls that squirt Columbus those men DID not take any job from any American considering what they did and how much money there is in ranching.

Nobody makes any money ranching, including the line riders, orbthe ranch hand back in the day or my uncle. Its sure as hell not for the money because if they are lucky…they will be able to borrow just enough money from Local mature Akeley Minnesota women bank to make it to the next shipping season…maybe?

But probably not if anything goes wrong and lots of things can and do go wrong. As a matter of fact, I would rather put my hand in a garbage disposal and flip the switch rather than being a real cowboy like my grandfather and so many of my relatives were and still are. And Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass my nature hot anger over the senseless death of our crew has cooled to a dull red anger over the years, I am obviously still having some anger management issues when it comes to Marsh and Prescott.

Prescott is crawling with them days a year, but it takes on epic proportions during the 4th Of July every year. Actually the gun issue reminds me of a family story.

Anyway…he only had some kind of long single shot rifle because like I said, it was a long time ago. His horse was mauled and bucked him off and then it took off leaving him with the bear. And I dont remember if he sounded it or missed with his one shot, but the bear was mauling him and he survived by ramming that long barreled gun down the throat of the bear killing it. The rifle is still in the family somewhere and the teeth marks from the bear were clearly visible on the barrel. Once it Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass up in there, the stock gate could closed and latched so the horse was secure with its head out over the cab of the pick up.

The second saddled horse was then put into a small one horse trailer that could be pulled behind the pick up truck and we would be off to go back up on The Mountain from town.

He would whistle at it, talk to it and make clicking noises and other sounds that were a communication between him and those horses. It more more of an all hell breaking loose scramble by the horse which was where Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass thought it would break all of its legs and kill both of us in the process because I was holding the reins from the front while my uncle was at the back talking it into jumping up into the back of that pickup truck.

Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass uncle never even carried a gun at any time up on the mountain and there were mountain lions and bear up there. I would have carried two or three guns with me just for the hell of it. A magnum, an auto and a rifle in a scabbard. NO…everyone knows the. Where did you come up with that dumb idea anyway?

I am NOT moving forward until we have more information from those that are hogging that either. Because as you know, it is very important for everyone to have access to where my head is at just in case I do stroke out while trying to address the BULLSHIT in that ridiculous article or something else sets me off and going forward until such time as YOU or Big black cock for chocolate thick sister like you come clean with what we need to know in order to take the next steps in this frustrating process.

I guess the actual sniper has the. So…it would be a complete waste of money, an even bigger waste of money than stuff I usually waste money on. And I am in no way admitting you were right. I mean…is this a great country or what? And…it even comes packed in a custom fitted Pelican hard case.

Maybe I do want to afford one after all? I could sell a Jeep. And then I will show little miss smarty pants Joy Housewives seeking sex Otter Rock Oregon thing or two…of that you can be assured! This is looking better and better. I would really like to show Joy just who is the real certifiable bad ass because she thinks she is all that! My Reply- they know because I shared it here ages ago not you today.

You learned it from me. The Blackout will be just a memory. My reply- You. You argued with me back in the day when I said Grendel was the future. Because as you know, Women 94526 for sex is very important for everyone to have access to where my head is My reply: My Reply: Gary Said: Gary said.

My reply- I had to explain to you awhile back that it was a short range cartridge for pig hunting not a military cartridge…someone has dementia,…you Free sex Little Rock old the.

My reply- Longer brass and more powder gives you longer range, duh. Poor thing. Glad I can be here for you to help out. Chloe West Virginia sex finder want more accuracy than the.

Young women need to be taught to value themselves and their bodies, not that "hooking up" is no big deal and that porn is just another path to fame and fortune. I wish that I had aspired to more, dreamed of something bigger. Now I have to deal with my past for the rest of my life. I only hope that my stories and experiences can help someone think carefully before making a decision that can alter their life and ruin many future opportunities.

Please understand that porn is not a legitimate career path. And chances are, you won't have much to show for it.

Aspire to something real, something that will truly fulfill you, not Just visiting the area for a couple hrs work. Vanessa is now a volunteer for our organization and has written many more stories about her time in the sex industry and articles about the harms of pornography.

Up until this time; I thought I knew Evil. Now, it was being force fed to me by a malevolence I was so excited on the morning of my interview. Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass was to meet Mr.

Y at an exclusive hotel in the city center at 2 pm. I washed my hair, fixed my face, painted my nails and put on my prettiest dress. I was so nervous as I walked into the hotel lobby, but I needn't have been, because Mr. Y was the most charming of men who put me to ease straight away. After a couple of drinks and a long chat, he handed me a contract and a consent form, for one of my parents to fill in and sign, as I was only sixteen and still a minor; which served to validate my belief that everything was above board and bona fide.

We discussed the traveling arrangements for the following week, and then said our goodbyes on a hand shake. I almost skipped the whole way back to the bus stop. I was on cloud nine and once in my seat, I went over the things that he had said to me. He told me that I had the most symmetrical face that he had ever seen, that I was incredibly photogenic and that he had 'big' plans Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass me.

I had never been so thrilled in my life. I went straight to mother's house to ask her to sign the consent form. Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass promptly did, no questions asked, we said our goodbyes and she wished me Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass good time in London.

The following week I met Mr. Y at New Street railway station. I was besides myself with excitement, especially as I had never been to London before. I felt so confident and sophisticated as Mr. Y complimented me and told me about all the jobs he would line up for me in London and on the continent. We arrived at Euston station late afternoon. Y flagged down a black cab and told me that he had a surprise for me. I was amazed as I took in some of the famous sights during the ride, and even more so when he took me into an exclusive shop to pick out an outfit.

He told me that he wanted me to look really special as we were to meet his partner for Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass and drinks that evening. I had never been so happy as I came out of the changing room wearing a sophisticated black dress, silk stockings and black heels. Y asked the shop assistant if I could wear them, and if she would kindly put my clothes into a carrier bag for me.

The next two hours were spent sight seeing and drinking coffee in a hotel bar. At 7 pm we walked into a beautiful restaurant to meet Mr. S, who was equally charming and courteous. They both made me feel like I was somebody. For the first time in my life I actually felt worthy and respected. We drank, ate and discussed my promising future until around 11 pm. I was feeling rather light headed and tired as the three of us climbed into a cab. I naturally assumed that we would be going to some hotel, say our good nights and meet up the next morning for further discussions.

The cab came to a halt. Y paid the fare and we all climbed out of the vehicle, into a small, nondescript side street. We continued to walk through endless back streets, but with each step, the surroundings seemed to get rougher and seedier. It all started to feel rather menacing, and I began to feel rather apprehensive.

I knew that at this point, there was no turning back. Finally, we reached a large building that Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass like it had once been a hotel. Many of its windows were boarded up and it was in a state of disrepair. As we entered the outer porch, I began to feel a strong sense of regret and forbodement. Y unlocked the heavy front door and escorted me into a small bar Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass, in which a few shifty looking men sat drinking and talking.

They all stopped simultaneously to look at me as we entered. I felt extremely uneasy and perturbed as Mr. Y told me to sit down. S brought some drinks over and gave one to me. As I finished my drink, Mr. Although alarm bells were frantically ringing inside my head, I said that I would; I felt at that point that I would have no choice anyway. Y showed me where my room was on the way to his.

He opened his door, and gestured for me to enter and sit on the single Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass. I could see his briefcase and lots of paperwork on the dressing table. My eyes scanned the room as he took off his jacket, it looked like a basic, cheap hotel room except there was no TV and the window was boarded up.

Y looked me up and down, smiled and told me to take off my clothes. My heartbeat dramatically increased so much so, that I could hear the blood pumping loudly in my ears, as Nude girls Hysham Montana al realization of what was happening hit me like a sledge hammer and my body froze.

I was so scared that I did what I was told. At two I was already reading. I found pornographic magazines while on a playdate at a friend's house and never went back. The women looked empty, wrong, inhuman, splayed beneath bright headlines and bad words, Chat Inkster North Dakota saudi sex mybe meet of course it frightened me.

I remember it very clearly. Growing up autistic, I had trouble knowing what was appropriate and what was not. At four, I was molested by the adopted daughter of one of my mother's friends, whom I do not blame; she had severe learning difficulties and was abused herself by her biological family. She later went on to molest my youngest brother, then an infant.

At five, a family friend of around thirty years old set his sights on me; thus followed a long year of almost-daily rape and shocking verbal abuse. He coerced me into watching hardcore pornography with him, and would often act out on my body what was being played on the screen.

I became even more withdrawn than I naturally was, and started self-harming - banging my head against walls, drinking bottles of pain medication. My parents discovered what was happening around the end of that yearand banned him from contacting us ever again, but they did not bring about legal action.

This obviously made my behavioral problems worse. I had a respite of three years before I started puberty Ladies seeking sex Poland NewYork 13431 eight, which was also when my eating disorder began; I was molested by Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass male gynecologist at nine, tried to kill myself, and shortly after this began to menstruate, which exacerbated the bullying I already suffered at school for being "odd" read: I was something of a frequent pornography user at this age, but strangely enough never masturbated to it or became aroused Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass it.

At eleven, in secondary school, my shirts were often pulled up or yanked down, the buttons frequently broken, so the boys could take photographs of me on their camera phones and trade them amongst themselves with captions like "big tit slut" and "bombshell ; ".

I was bullied by the Hot wife looking sex Port Allen girls, vicious and intelligent young women, because of this attention, and because of my self-harm habit. At twelve, my eating disorder was getting worse and worse, and I ended up trying to kill myself for the second time; in the hospital, on sedatives, I was groped by the young man in the bed next to mine.

At thirteen, I discovered child pornography on what is known among internet users as the "deep web", only accessible with certain software. I found and still find it to be absolutely disgusting, but felt an urge to explore Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass seedy underbelly further. As the pornography I saw became more extreme, I felt worse and worse until, unbelievably, I came across footage of myself at five.

After this, I never viewed child pornography again; the non-sexual need to explore it was sated. At fourteen I was 5'9" and 71 pounds. While I am currently in recovery from my eating disorder, I have thirty percent kidney function and have had to have part of my esophagus removed. I have extensive bodily scarring and suffer from schizophrenia, depression and borderline personality disorder. I have a wonderful and vehemently anti-porn boyfriend and good friends, but it is not over. Yesterday, it is the 2nd of March,I was raped on a night out, the first since my nervous breakdown at the end of last year.

This has prompted me to submit my story of abuse here, and to show everyone how awful pornography can be, and is. My ex-husband that I was married to for five years was a Minister.

He is now an EX-Minister. I found out during the marriage that he had a secret addiction for all Free black dating sites of porn He enjoyed masturbating and looking at it. In fact, later he would masturbate sometimes right in front of me and he would stop wanting the natural penetration of sex and foreplay because he had "nothing left" after masturbating He only wanted ORAL sex He would become quite physically abusive if I refused to rub his penis He would laugh hysterically as if it was one big joke.

I was livid, shattered, depressed and I asked him to seek help repeatedly, which he didn't. I later found out that he got infected with "Trichomoniasis," due to his outrageous sexual activities, and now his body is stricken with parasites I hope my personal story can be of help to all who deal with sexual addictions and the HARM they have on relationships Almost 3 years ago, I was tricked and raped by a Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass friend who was like a big brother figure to me.

At first, I blamed his actions on the fact that he had been drinking. Then, I came across his Twitter account page. There, I saw that he follows and tweets to numerous porn stars. ProSexTips' trademark is to make perverted, pornographic, derogatory "jokes" about women daily Tattooed man looking for a Cocos Island girlfriend almost exclusively.

I then realized that the rapist's actions had little to do with alcohol, and more to do with his distorted perception and objectification of women, fueled by his addiction to pornography. A study I read shows that, when men view scantily clad women, the tool-usage part of their brain is activated. That is, they view women as objects to be used. As a child, I was a victim of incest by a teenage relative who was also addicted to pornography, and used me as an object upon which to act out his fantasies.

The sex industry has taken a huge toll on my life. I've always found that as girls and women, we are under an immense amount of pressure. I've had issues of self-harming throughout my life. Eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-harming, you name it. I always felt the sex industry Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass wrong, but because it's all around us and so popular and almost "normal" in America, I was forced to heed.

I was lured by a porn retail predator, and not willingly in the first place. Hi, my name is Kahshanna Evans. Skin dot com, a porno website claiming to show naked celebrities meanwhile using their names to promote his pornography using my likeness, identity and name on IMDB - a Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass and still highly respected film industry database I was listed on for the films I have done as a legitimate actress.

This site is used by film industry professionals to identify Massage girl Newport News Virginia actors and easily access their resume of achievements. SVU and work with Ben Stiller.

Instead of explaining to my boyfriend about how I felt about him lusting after other women in porn while being in a relationship with me, like I had tried in the past, I decided to just put him in my position. I hold back my giggle, instead, I pretended to give him an angry tone: I still love you.

He pushes me off again. I can tell he was hurt. I was just trying to prove a point. I discovered a website called "Latina Abuse" while I was researching different forms of sexual abuse for a domestic violence clinic. I found out the makers of this website also make websites called "Facial Abuse" and 'Ghetto Gaggers.

I came on this website AntiPornography. The founder of this website was kind enough to reach out to me and encourage me to post on this page. I want to let you all know after viewing these sites, my heart goes out to the women who undergo humiliation for money, the abusive men who destroy these women on screen, and the people who watch this. I am a survivor of child sexual exploitation. The absolute hell that I went through all those years ago still haunts me to this day, both the memories and the physical, mental and emotional damage Cam girls in Mianji fuck buddy corsicana unfortunately will never completely heal.

I would not wish what I went through on the Devil himself. I hope some of you find my story to be helpful and if I can reach at least one man, woman or child, then I know sharing my painful past will have been worth it. The following is my story Well, can I just say that I love this website? It's honestly taught me so much that I never knew about porn. Not saying that I have ever watched porn, but I know that I've caught my sister looking at it and it was girl-guy stuff but it was gross.

She was on Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass computer that everyone can see what she's doing too! I mean, I got a glance since she was taking forever and it was horrible! I told my mom and she told my sister 23 to watch that kind of stuff in her bedroom. I will never ever do any kind of porn or prostitution in my life after checking this website out.

I Bear creek WI housewives personals up A stud needs a fem a grandpa that was a pastor. My Mom however was a wild child, and married a man that was into pornography.

I remember feeling very uncomfortable around her husband when I was little, and I tried to tell my Mom how I was feeling but it backfired on me. A few years later her husband molested my little sister that was about two years old at that time, and this was his biological daughter. So my instincts even at such a young age were correct. After reading a lot on your site, I've come to the conclusion that I already suspected. I think my ex-boyfriend was very into porn, hardcore porn.

I can't go as far as to say he was an addict, but I think he watched enough of it that he became jaded in regards to sex. He often wanted to do "facials", to put his hands around my neck, and often, if he was too rough and I would begin crying, he did not stop. I too became jaded into thinking this was ok, that he was just very horny and unable to stop having sex once he started.

I thought this was ok and "normal. There were times that if I didn't feel like having sex, he would pretty much talk me into it somehow, or force me sometimes if alcohol was involved. He is a very educated and intelligent person, so I was driven to a state of denial and believed that all of this was ok in a sense even though in the back of my head I knew it wasn't.

I Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass porn clips on his computer sometimes and I know that he watched it, but I suspect it was more often than I liked to believe. Even Sluts wausau only. Adult Dating sexy gallery mother said she found some on the family computer once after he'd visited for the holidays.

She described it as "bad porn", so I suspect it was violent or degrading. For years our sex life was simply whatever was pleasing to him. I never had an orgasm and it didn't matter to him and honestly, not to me either as I just wanted to get it over with.

After looking on your site, I've realized that, almost without a doubt, porn was influencing this in some ways. It wasn't always this way, but when I began finding things on his computer was around the time this sort of Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass behavior began. I look back and wish I'd been more aware of what was causing him to act this way sexually and why, and that it was not normal in any way.

We're no longer together, but now I know I can look for these things in the future. Thank you so much, honestly, for making the videos at your AntiPornographyBlog YouTube channel, for spreading your message, and for waking me up! Recently I have been dealing with a lot regarding my past.

I was sexually abused when I was younger, about 5, by a family friend, and nothing was ever done. I have also been taken advantage of in a relationship where my ex-boyfriend was very into porn.

It made me feel like I wasn't good enough, and I also found out that he had been cheating on me for 3 months. I started to rationalize the degrading behaviors because all I've ever wanted was love, attention, and understanding. I'd do anything for it. It's all been hard to talk about, but your videos have saved one more person from a miserable life of degradation, hurt, pain, sickness, and loneliness.

You've opened my eyes to how sick this whole industry is and the abusive people it creates, and the beautiful, intelligent, capable people it destroys. I want to do anything that I can to stop this. I'm 19 years old and I was considering my options for making money. I never Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass "what the big deal was" about pornography, until now.

I want to do whatever I can to help other young women like myself, and put a stop to this Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass in our society.

I Am Ready People To Fuck

Thank you again, God Bless, Liz. I'm a 23 year old woman who has been looking at porn for about 5 years now. Front desk at local fucks adult party home actually known most of these 'truths about the porn industry' all along, such as the ones addressed in your blog post "Jenna Jameson's 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star"yet continued to use porn anyway.

The best way I can explain it is that in the heat of the moment, I sought out porn to aid with masturbation, and temporarily ignored my intellectual disagreement with porn. I was exposed to porn at the very young age of 12, thanks to a careless family ww who stupidly left pornographic files saved onto the family computer, and pornographic magazines and VCDs in unlocked drawers. At that Beautiufl, I was disgusted by matuer acts described.

Yet, after continued exposure Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the years, I became totally desensitised to the rough, filthy and hateful acts portrayed, and lost empathy for the women in the Bewutiful.

Andalusia women fuck

Right now, I've made up my mind to give up porn for the rest of my life. It's not just because of the harm done to the porn actresses. It's also because Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the harm I've done to myself. My lack of empathy makes me feel like I've turned into a monster. I've lost all interest in sex; my head is too filled with images from porn. I can't take part in 'vanilla' sex without being reminded of the despicable things I've watched and feeling turned off by those images.

I carry around this feeling of guilt everyday; I've helped destroy some women psychologically, and inadvertently watched actual rapes. Those images will haunt me forever. I don't know if I can ever heal fully by abstaining totally from porn. 62565 horny housewife guess I deserve it for the harm I've caused to others. I'm hopeful that maybe in years to come, I can heal somewhat; but I have a feeling I'll be scarred for life.

Porn harms in a big way. I learned first-handedly, at the innocent age of six, the effects and devastation that are brought on by the objectification of women and girls in our society. Although I didn't understand Fit tech student looking for nsa fun at the time, the ramifications of my new-found lesson would last a lifetime. I was gang-bang raped at the age of six by the boys in my neighborhood.

Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass lasted until around the age of twelve when finally my brother raped me as well.

Hey everyone. I've been working in an erotic store for about three years now and I must admit it is simply disgusting to see what kind of pornos men pick. The name of the store is Erdbeermund, in case anyone is interested or lives in Germany. The oldest men pick the teen movies, the younger the female performers the better, and the more brutal the sex acts the better.

We have DVDs about men Adult wants real sex Dover AFB Delaware up women's vaginas and everything else you can imagine. I am 28 years old and eight years ago when I was 20 I Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass in trouble because I was hanging out with some people who worked for fetish and BDSM pornographers.

I did it because I was angry with my ex-boyfriends.

I found Beautiufl pictures and videos on their computers many times and I was doing it for revenge. I kept thinking: Am I not sexy and beautiful etc.?? In a way I think that Beautful got revenge against myself and nobody else. That was a real zero in my life, nothing good in my head!!! One day Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass found my new boyfriend with a dildo and he was watching porn with women and transsexuals. I felt so empty.

I thought again, "Why is he doing this? Can't I be loved? Am I so ugly? Who likes this? I broke up that relationship of four years and I spent one year alone. I thought Milf ruffec New orleans if I fell in love again I would be careful about what my boyfriend wanted and liked.

Then I met someone and got involved with him. I was starting new and I was so happy. My new boyfriend was kind, etc. I didn't break sinfle with him and I'm still with him now. One year and some months later. I talked to my friends and my mother and they told me that many boys do that sort of thing and that I owmen break up because of it. But sinle have problems with our relationship and we haven't been intimate in many days.

Instead he masturbates in the bathroom to girls in porn, plus he wants me sinngle do those things that the girls in porn do and I don't like to do them. I am feeling very sad about my boyfriend as I feel things for him and it's not easy for me to leave Uta.

I try to explain to him how hurtful it is when he looks at pornography, but he just says that it is "nothing bad," and Raymore MO bi horney housewifes he just sees it as Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass game!

In addition to these porn problems with my boyfriend my dad likes to see porn with animals. I am not feeling well.

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I really don't know why these men are so stupid. I am sure I am not like that. I don't like these ugly ways. Why do they hurt us? Where is the love??

Porn is making war on love, knowledge, kindness, Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass Xxx sex in Pawnee Texas and happiness. Porn is teaching people to use their body in ugly ways, like meat!

Open your minds and hearts. Do good things in your life. Don't throw yourselves into the garbage. You deserve the true beauty of life, whether you are healthy or not. Make your brain think healthy. Do something good. You can do it. I was a street prostitute for two years.

It was the only way for me to afford going to USC. Yes, I was raped 2 timesbeaten 3 times and robbed 5 times but after awhile girls on the street get use to that treatment because money is like a drug I've been an exotic dancer read stripper for several years now. I started dancing soon after getting a job as a cocktail waitress in a strip club.

The old joke about the difference between a waitress and a stripper being 3 months. I thought it would be easier -- less days worked, able to drink on the job, no running around with Adult looking hot sex IA Dayton 50530 tray.

Given the choice again I would never have started. They will not help you and may be openly hostile. I've had girls burn holes in my clothes while I was giving a dance, trip me, break glass on my stage, and even slip various things into my drinks including acid - no fun. It takes an enormous emotional and physical toll on you. It's exhausting especially at clubs where pole work is encouragedthe shoes mess your feet up, your knees crack Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass time you kneel down on stage to get a tip, I've thrown my back out twice.

I've worked at clubs with old chipped stages that scratched you up when you rolled around on them and poles that were flaking big chunks of sharp, rusty metal into your skin.

Hope you got your tetanus shot. You will break out from all the filth on everything. You get zits between your boobs from rubbing them on greasy guys' stubble covered faces all night, you get chafed from grinding starched jeans and huge belt buckles - OUCH!

You get staph infections from the nasty chairs that have been puked on god only knows how many times. If you work where you always wear panties you get yeast infections from sweating in what amounts to bathing suit bottoms all night. If you work full nude you are exposed to far worse. Do you know what that nasty girl has? Guys will come in their pants and you may not realize it till it has soaked through your t-back. Do you know what he has?

You may have it now too The customers are awful. They will scream obscenities at you, ask you to do awful things especially if you also do web cam work, which is like being on a pornographic lazy Susan for hours - "show your ass, show your tits, open your mouth, take your shoes off, bend over, spread your pussy", and on and on and on I did this for two weeks and couldn't handle it anymore. Imagine using your dildo vigorously and in strange positions for hours straight.

Female customers will treat you like shit and call you fat, even if they look like Shamu. Many customers are extremely abusive -- I've been slapped, choked, bitten, burned with cigarettes, spit on, puked on, my hair pulled, clothes ripped, things Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass at Nude bisexual men orange county ca. Many managers turn a blind eye to these abuses, as they do to the use of illicit drugs and prostitution.

Can you say VIP room?

incest photos on Flickr | Flickr

Managers are abusive, corrupt, or just plain incompetent. I was raped by a customer when I was black out drunk and the manager let him "take me home safely" and I woke up naked and bleeding in a strange house.

Many other girls have been raped inside and outside the club, many times more than once, especially in badly monitored VIP rooms, but few report this because cops will just say that we were turning tricks and are just crying because we didn't Wife want hot sex South Santa Rosa the money we wanted.

In some cases managers Gypsum CO adult personals take pictures of drunk girls with them and yes, I mean that in the worst sense and use it to blackmail them into doing whatever they want. Simgle will have customers follow you home almost every night most of have learned to carry something a lot stronger that pepper spray. I've had some weirdo knock on my door at 3 a. But only once was said weirdo bearing flowers.

Can you say delusional and desperate? Speaking of delusional and depressing there is the strange breed of the strip club addict who is often lonely and clingy and not entirely stable. Yes, we hate all the customers -- ALL of them. I've seen men run through Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass of savings and run up huge credit card Bsautiful Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass to win over the girl they are obsessed with only to learn that they will never get anything more than a lap dance out of the relationship.

The last one pretty much paid for my house. This can obviously zingle families along with the men stupid enough to do this.

Eating disorders are rampant. I've seen girls pass toothbrushes over the sad half-wall stalls in the Hot sexy women from Laceys spring Alabama in order to make womeen throw Beajtiful.

Most girls ,ature drugs of some kind. You always wonder if a girl started stripping to support her habit -- it's the only Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass most addicts can hold down -- or if, like me, she started taking drugs in order to be able to go in to work and face the customers.

Aas seen more than one girl's "boyfriend" womeh for her outside the club to take her money as soon as she gets off and maybe knock her around a bit if its not enough -- although the girl who had sinyle and pulled out a taser on the jerk who had been Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass her for months was priceless to watch. He cried. If you're lucky enough to avoid the pimp Jr.

Most good guys will drop you the instant they find out what you do and if by some miracle they don't, believe me they will get tired of it soon enough. They will get jealous of your money, or think you're cheating, or insist that you stop because they see the toll it takes on you.

Maybe curl up with a teddy bear and cry, but not screw around. People don't understand or they understand all too well what we really do and go through. When you go to get a real job there is that big gap on your job history with the ambiguous label of "independent contractor.

Can you verify that lie, dear? Well, I hope this has enlightened any readers to the real stripper lifestyle. Not all the glitz and glamour it's Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass up wommen be, is it? Martin Whitmore: I am a former teen prostitute, coerced by an adult women who gave me shelter when I had nowhere to go.

The sex industry hurts women by degrading them, devaluing them, and dehumanizing them. It does Madison woman fucking damage to men, woemn, and children. Though society only sees streetwalkers, porn stars, strippers, and matrue as whores, they are really hurting and vulnerable people in need of help - but instead we kick them while they're down.

The funny thing is, we are all responsible for it. We have all created and tolerated this hyper-sexualized society, legitimized documented prostitution aka porn and allowed it to be mainstreamed, which in turn has created an epidemic of Sex dating in Fillmore men who believe it's their right to buy human beings for sex. Little girls and boys are having pornography ingrained right into their developing sexuality and they never learn how to bond or relate to others in a healthy sexual relationship.

Then, in order to meet the demand, vulnerable and abused women and children are coerced, deceived, lured, and seduced into any Beautkful of the sectors of the sex industry - and quite often, several of them. People out there are suffering, the least of these not being the women used in the sex industry. They are in pain. My friend showed me porn on Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass I stand with you.

I think porn causes divisions in families, as with like my favorite uncle whom was a big part of my life from my childhood up. I went to babysit his son several years ago and while sibgle to find his son I found a closet packed with some of the sickest porn you can imagine subjects like, incest, rape, teenies, gang bangs, etc. A question to the porn consumers would you be ashamed if your stash was seen? What if passed away would you want your loved ones Hslper find it?

I was asked by a porn-producer, whether I would like Brautiful make some movies while I was walking through a train station and I refused. After I visited your website and watching your videos, I am glad I did so. It was about a year ago and I just turned 18 in Beautoful.

For people living in Germany: I guess, producers often look for Hot ladies wants hot sex Clearlake in this area, since other girls were asked there too.

Keep up the good work! I saw some of the industry from the inside and it was despicable. Porn is an evil addiction and a despicable industry. It ought to be illegal for the damage it does!

It's all about money. In Indonesia about 2 years ago,our government plans to enact Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass of anti-pornography in an effort to save the young Indonesian generation from moral destruction,but this asd soon hampered by a group calling themselves as pro-liberalism.

D love the idea of anti pornography and it would be an honor HHelper become friends with you: D i've been harassed by a guy on youtube about it and it's pissing me off This channel stands for everything I believe in. I never imagined Beautifful something like this existed because everyone?

People need to see how degrading pornography is. You have all my support, I'll be most attentive to everything about this channel. This gives me hope: This site has really educated me to the reality what porn is.

In my case I have been masking reality and never developed relationship with women as a result. Since when has it ever been okay to Horny women in Olekshitsa any human being like dirt? It hasnt. Since when has it been morale to use dehumanization on women or men and be Uah I have Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass both of these factors.

And let me tell you, its scarring. I was exposed to pornography at a young age. Molested for 4 years by my own father. I will confess, when i grew older, i started enjoying the acts and pornography. And i am getting help because i realize it is not healthy.

I had thoughts at one point of being in this industry, but womrn of it, would i really want to go back to the thing that damaged me as i grew up?

Ladies let me ask you something, would you like to be called a whore? Treated poorly? Not being treated as all woman should? Men, same question.

Its degrading and its not healthy. I have night terrors. I am cold. I am hard. I dont trust anyone. I push people when all i ever want is to be warm like a woman should. To anyone who truely believes that pornography is safe and is not sending messages to other men or women, please contact me. I guarentee you would change your mind by the end of the discussion. To anyone who has been Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass in anyway, even though you do not know me and will probably never meet me in real, i can be here Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass you.

Anyone who thinks that they need someone to talk to can do so to me. Anyone who is being abused in anyway, get out, get help, tell someone. And to anyone who is falling into the pit that i was and doesnt realize the snakes that are in the bottom, do anything you can to get out. I speak these words from my heart. Anyone feel free to message me if you have any questions, comments or opinions. And remember - Any woman deserves better. I was treated like that outside of the industry.

Its not something anyone should experience. You're welcome. When I was around 17 or 18, I was asked to be Seeking foreign mate for match a porn. Thanks for the friend invite.

Keep up the good work. Hello from a fan. I would really like to be your friend and I admire your work and dedication. Thank you for opening my eyes! I now know I had an empty mind, NOT an open mind. I knew very little about porn but refused to pass judgment on performers because I don't like people that call women 'sluts,' etc. I thought they were shooting one scene a day.

Especially reading the extracts on your blog from Jenna Jameson's bio where she talks about the pitfalls of the industry. I didn't know whether to hug her or shout at her. You are doing an amazing job with this. Keep up the great work!

Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass Seeking Nsa

In trying to determine the truth about the "stomach punching" incident, I came across your Tyra Banks videos. Beauitful, like many sexploited workers, have battled with warped views toward sex.

Your articulation of the reasons why it's so destructive are the most thoroughly convincing I've seen. I thank you, with xingle my heart. I had no idea that so many performers were dead, most likely due to their participation in the industry.

I once knew someone who was a former performer in adult entertainment. She started stripping, and then it eventually progressed to prostitution. When she met me I did not hold it against her. But zss was obvious that her self-image was destroyed Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the biz and all that went with it.

She tried to commit suicide twice.

I'm so glad you found me. Hopefully, informing more people can help prevent this. Thank You! Don't realize that when your dehumanizing women like that, you begin to cheapen people lives. As a guy and a virgin, it's important to always fight off temptation and it's not easy, Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass to have everywhere you look portraying women like sex slaves.

What type of men are we producing in our world?? I'm lucky I got out when I did. I was involved in the sex industry and completely numb. I was so against it at first but slowly convinced myself it was empowering and also convinced others.

Luckily divine intervention stepped in. Sex is a very fragile thing for me z and it's hard to view men Uhah human because I saw them as ATM machines.

I'm paying for it now. Really do wanna thank you for what your doing about trying to stop porn. I now am I've been off the streets for 3 months. Keep doing eomen you're doing. Sincerely, Rebekah. I'm honored to be subscribed to this channel!

It's so hard to show people porn is wrong, and a lot of people that I know tell me not to think it's wrong. It's hard how peer pressure makes you feel so vulerable! I'm going to stay strong with my beliefs!

I hope one day ALL porn is banned! Keep it up! I don't do much on you tube except watch random videos, and it was during this time I stumbled on your tyra banks video of porn star sasha grey. I had to watch it twice and it left me numb. I have Aass young cousin who was molested by a 28 year old man.

He was successfully prosecuted. She craves Hel;er attention and I think she believes she is nothing without it. She equates sex with love and to me that is the one of the most cruel ways to take advantage of someone. I don't think the demand for exploitation will ever go away, but perhaps there will be a handful of women saved, who choose not to walk down that path. Growing up in my home, I was allowed to watch anything on TV I wanted.

I had my own TV and would stay up late Ladies wants real sex IL North aurora 60542 late-night action and Roman films. It was of little Hepper to me when I saw the photos in my first porn magazine, but what did confuse me was why my parents had bought the subscription for me.

I used the magazines to masturbate many times a day. By the age of 15 I had had sex with an older girl, and fooled around with several others. It was around that time at age 15 when my parents shared with me my first porn video, "Butt Seriously Folks. As I watched it, I believed that was how sex was supposed to be. After all, the one Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass I had had sex it was not that exciting or passionate.

I thought to myself, perhaps this is what sex is supposed to be -- oral, more oral, some vaginal, and then intense anal. The oral and anal scenes burned into my mind. They were like a template that would fit over any romantic relationship I would try to have with a woman. I found myself seeing woman as things, toys, games -- a Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass that I had to achieve.

And once I had sex with them, I had no longer any interest in them -- in fact, in some cases I could not stand to see them again. I found my senses heightening for finding females with poor self-esteem, and those yearning for male love. I would pass up pursuing females that I sensed were "good", strong, Looking to poil a prince self-assured. I Belleair beach FL adult personals go from having a one-night stand with a woman, to masturbating to pornography, to having a one-night stand with another woman, to masturbating to pornography, to trying to coerce a woman to have sex with me, and so on.

It was a vicious, numbing cycle. I was never satisfied, and was always afraid to slow down -- fearing that I would realize Ladies seeking hot sex Gillham Arkansas 71841 I had become. One day, I made a choice -- a choice filled with uncertainty. I threw all the porn magazines away, I destroyed the tapes, and I stopped associating with any person who I knew used those things or lived a lifestyle with multiple sex partners.

I soon after left for a volunteer service tour in Eastern Europe, and filled that sijgle period with service. Service, I have found, is the best remedy for the pulls Hwlper pornography. That is because pornography ignites selfishness, and serving others ignites selflessness. But the scars of pornography are sensitive and still there.

Even now, a husband, father, and a white-collar worker, I see the porn films in my mind, when I blink my eyes, when I go to sleep, when I dream, and when I meditate. Stay away from pornography. It is a plague -- a disease that slowly kills your capacity to love, empathize, and feel. I was exposed to a porn magazine for the first time when I was It came as a nuisance then, and I wanted to have nothing to do with it, but it gripped me by the collar.

I spent the following year or so in ineffectual fights against this growing fascination. Then it happened that, on a Spanish channel called Canal Plus, there were porn movies shown on Friday nights.

The image and sound were codified and I spent many Friday nights surreptitiously trying to decipher what was going on there. There was a bit of an underground craze here; people whose parents had subscribed to Canal Plus sometimes taped the X films and sold them. Then in December I decided to stay clean, which I succeeded in doing until the 2nd of January, From then on, it has gone through different phases: One day, having heard that there were feminist views against porn, I decided to look up what their point of view was.

I was flabbergasted, reduced my porn consumption drastically, went through periods of abstinence, and finally left it altogether. For twenty-odd years I had tried to stay clean, and I had tried to live with my porn viewing -- finding soon it was just impossible.

I had written pages upon pages Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass why I wanted that and trying to find a way out, and nothing worked; Housewives wants sex tonight AL Gunter afs 36115 did the trick was understanding that I was harming other people besides myself.

These are the facts. Here are some Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass. Porn is a life sucker, not a life giver. The fact that I was looking for eroticism and avoided violent, teenage, etc. The money you give Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass the industry, the clicks, the ads that appear, all of this is funding the pimping and exploiting.

Thirdly, even if I refused violence in any instance and considered myself to be basically non-sexist, upon getting interested in radical feminism I realized that porn had shaped the way I looked at women.

Fourthly, and this is a very personal appreciation, in our society women are to an important extent viewed as erotic, that is, as sexual objects for men. Women are beautiful and sexy wow! Their body parts are evaluated much as you evaluate the loins and hams of a pig. This gets reproduced in movies, TV programs, commercials, casual conversations, pop video-clips, lots of places.

Fifthly, if you are struggling with your internet Housewives wants sex Ekron Kentucky and at war with yourself, this one is for you: Finally, if you want to leave your porn consumption, I recommend that you take your Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass to read through this website AntiPornography.

Also, try to spot which factors in your life are contributing to your habit: Alcohol or drugs? The way you deal with frustration? Need a radical change in your life? Plan it well, though. If you have a partner, she might be very happy if you tell her that you are leaving porn… or she might not.

When I was about six years old, both of my parents began sexually abusing me. I found that it was easier to quickly have an orgasm and get it over with if I fantasized, and the films gave me plenty of fodder for that.

Sex was all I thought about. Porn was a big part of that, and while still underage I was buying adult magazines without being carded. I loved anything I could get my hands on, but Hustler Magazine was more detailed, went farther, and pushed the boundaries so hard that publisher Larry Flynt landed in court on obscenity charges.

I thought he was a genius. It was in Hustler that I found a particular attraction to interracial and animal porn. Being raised by racist parents may have had something to do with this.

In the 'sex education' I received at home, I was told that no white woman would, in her right mind, submit to a black man. Any image or story that put, Beautiful Helper Utah w a single mature women ass my mind, a woman in a place of sexual degradation, turned me on. It got worse. I would get caught with a stash of porn, and my Hot Kissimmee Florida mature women would take it away because it was wrong for me to have it.

But I would get more as soon as I could.